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Administrative Department

The Administrative Department is tasked with attending to the operating conditions of the City Council, the City Board and the Mayors, guiding the administrative procedures, supervising case management and document management, providing office services, security and preparedness, legal representation and expertise.

The Administrative Division is made up of five units. Additionally, within the division there operates a team of special advisers and a team of senior advisers, which are directly subordinated to the Administrative Director.

The Administrative Director, Mr Juha Summanen, is the head the Administrative Division.

The Administrative Procedures Unit

The Administrative Procedures Unit is responsible for

  • the general guidance and development of the city’s administrative procedures
  • preparing the decisions of the City Council, the City Board and the Mayors, the execution of decisions, preparing the practical modalities of decision-making, providing secretarial services and translations
  • the development of citywide case management

Legal Services

The Legal Services are responsible for providing legal representation and legal expertise.

The Legal Services Unit does not provide counsel to private citizens. Private citizens are advised to turn to the legal aid office for legal aid or counsel.

Financial and debt counselling services for private citizens are provided by the state legal aid offices. 

Information Management Unit

The Information Management Unit is responsible for

  • supervising the City’s document management
  • guiding and developing the City’s document management, case management and data protection in general terms
  • taking care of document data that the City is bound to store permanently
  • the administrative information services and the City’s general registrar’s services

In conjunction with the Information Management Unit there is a data protection team assisting the Data Protection Officer, who operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.

Safety and Preparedness Unit

The Safety and Preparedness Unit is responsible for

  • coordinating and promoting the City’s organizational security and its security affairs in general terms
  • guiding the citywide endeavour to ensure preparedness, management of continuity and local security planning

Office Services

The Office Services are responsible for administering the City management’s and the City Executive Office’s clerical, security, postal, meeting, transportation, AV and digital printing services, and the mail distribution within the municipality.