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Strategy is responsible for the City’s strategic development and the coordination of strategically essential themes and projects, supervision of digitalisation and data administration, statistics of research activities and international outreach.

Strategy has the following units:

  • International Outreach
  • Urban Research and Statistics
  • Strategies and Development
  • ICT Management

The International Outreach unit is responsible for the coordination of Helsinki's international operations, for international lobbying, and for interacting with the city's foreign partners, partner cities and networks and the coordination of EU project financing.

The Urban Research and Statistics unit is responsible for the acquisition and production of research information and statistics needed for the development of the City, as well as the administration, maintenance and development of it, and for urban research. The unit’s responsibilities also include the coordination and co-operation connected to urban research and the statistics function and the controlling and coordination of the City’s joint acquisition and administration of statistics and research materials.

The teams of the unit are the Research and Statistical Data team and the Urban Research team.

The Strategies and Development unit is responsible for the strategic development, planning and cooperation of the City, the coordination of regional and national programmes, the coordination and implementation of strategically essential themes and projects and the tasks related to risk management.

The ICT Management unit is responsible for the development of the controlling and interoperability of the City's ICT management, the strategic planning and follow-up of the ICT management, organising and maintaining the basic ICT infrastructure services, development of the joint and strategically essential data systems and ICT services, application management of the joint data systems and databases and the ICT management and near support of the City Executive Office.

The teams of the unit are the Control of the ICT Management team, the ICT Development team, the ICT Services team, the Application Management team and the City Executive Office ICT team. The ICT Development team has the Project Services sub-team and the Software Development sub-team. The City Executive Office ICT team has the Near Support sub-team.

In addition to this, Strategy includes the following functions, working directly for the Strategy Director: Digitalisation, Promotion of Interests and Helsinki Lab.

Strategy is headed by the Strategy Director Markus Kühn.