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Non-Discrimination at the City of Helsinki

Non-discrimination refers to the equal treatment of persons regardless of their sex, age, origin, nationality, language, religion and conviction, opinion, political activities or trade union activities, family relations, disability, state of health, sexual orientation or other reasons regarding the person. The Non-discrimination Act requires municipalities to systematically further non-discrimination. Authorities, education organisers and employers also have to further non-discrimination in their own activities.

The City of Helsinki has drawn up non-discrimination plans for its personnel and services. The non-discrimination plan for services contains three documents: measures, goals and the City Board's decision regarding the plan's objectives and principles.

A contact person network for equality and non-discrimination operates within the City. The network gathers different experts together to discuss themes and share good practices. The network convenes about once a month and the activities are open for all personnel at the City of Helsinki.

21.02.2018 09:42