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The Council on Disability monitors the operations of the divisions from the perspective of disabled persons and promotes the co-operation between the City of Helsinki and organisations of people with disabilities. The Council on Disability aims to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are taken into account in the development of Helsinki's services and that the services are also suited for people with disabilities. In order to further and fulfil these goals, the Council on Disability takes initiatives and makes propositions, statements and comments. The Council on Disability convenes regularly, with the exception of the summer months. The Council collaborates with the Elderly Citizens Council, the Equality Commission and the Non-discrimination Commission.

In 2010, the City of Helsinki Council on Disability made a proposition to the City Council about the drafting of a disability policy programme. It was not deemed necessary. The Helsinki disability policy report, drafted by the Divisions, was completed in 2011. The report contains reasoning about essential concepts of the disability policy and brings up subareas of a good disability policy. The report includes a summary of how the goals for the disability policy have been achieved and of the emphasis of the operations at the City departments (the present-day divisions).

Implementing a sustainable disability policy requires intense co-operation between the divisions and continuous dialogue about the points of focus and appropriate ways of implementation. The goal-oriented follow-up of the disability policy requires active measures, which are included in the City's ordinary operational and financial planning.

16.02.2018 14:01