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Education division, Administration

Töysänkatu 2 D
00510 Helsinki
P.O. Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki
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Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute

Hattulantie 2
00550 Helsinki
P.O. Box 55308, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 8600
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Finnish Adult Education Centre, Helsinki

Helsinginkatu 26
00530 Helsinki
P.O. Box 53308, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 88610
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Swedish Adult Education Centre, Helsingfors arbis

Dagmarinkatu 3
00100 Helsinki
P.O. Box 51313, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 49494
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Early childhood education

Learn about the various options in early childhood education and how to apply.

Comprehensive education and afternoon activities

Information about signing up for comprehensive education, afternoon activities and other matters related to school.

General upper secondary education

What is it like to study in upper secondary school and how to apply?

Helsinki Vocational College

Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute together form the largest vocational institution in Finland. They offer education for young people and adults.

Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre

Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre offers adult learners liberal education and opportunities to pursue a wide range of interests.

Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis

The largest Swedish-speaking adult education centre in Finland offers a variety of courses.