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The Education Committee and sub-committees

The Education division is governed by the Education Committee. 
The committee has two sub-committees: the Finnish-language Division and the Swedish-language division.    

The Education Committee began operations when the city adopted the new mayoral model on 1 June 2017.

Division administration

  • The operations and administration of the Education division are directed by the Deputy Executive Director Satu Järvenkallas, who serves as the presenting official of the Education Committee and its sub-committees divisions and the division’s deputy mayor.
    The Deputy Executive Director also serves as the supervisor of the head of administration and the directors of the services included in the division. The Executive Director performs the duties specified by the chief secretary.
  • Deputy Head of Early Childhood Education Ulla Lehtonen is in charge of early childhood and preschool education services until 30th of September 2021.
  • Basic education services are directed by Head of Basic Education Outi Salo.
  • Upper secondary, vocational and liberal adult education services are directed by Head of Upper Secondary, Vocational and Liberal Adult Education Arja Kukkonen.
  • Head of Swedish Services Niclas Grönholm is in charge of services in Swedish.
  • Head of Administration Kati Takanen is in charge of the administration of the Education division.