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The Education Committee

The Education Committee is in charge of duties in the Education Division. The committee has two sub-committees: the Finnish sub-committee and the Swedish sub-committee.

The Education Committee began operations when the city adopted the new mayoral model on 1 June 2017. The documents of the committees abolished in connection with the reform may be viewed in the City Archives


Unless otherwise provided, the Education Committee decides on

  1. the principles governing the use of service vouchers and confirms the value of service vouchers
  2. supporting private care and a municipal addition to home care subsidies
  3. granting support for starting private day care operations and group day care operations involving two childminders
  4. establishing or abolishing a Finnish-speaking day care centre, school or other institution of education or, based on a proposal by Services in Swedish, establishing or abolishing a Swedish-speaking day care centre, school or other institution of education
  5. other duties specified for organisers of early and other education and approves the grounds for permitting another authority to decide on said matters
  6. the comprehensive and upper secondary schools which have a joint management board
  7. establishing a vocational skills committee for the purpose of planning and implementing demonstrations and on establishing a vocational education study right committee for the purpose of deciding on cancelling and restoring study rights and executing discipline measures.

Unless otherwise provided, the Education Committee decides and approves the grounds and limits within the scope of which office-holders decide on

  1. granting an allowance for the treatment of a pupil’s or student’s injury
  2. the distribution of the allowances the board may grant and the supervision of allowance use.

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