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Participate and influence


Ruuti is the City of Helsinki’s influencing system for young people. Ruuti includes the Ruuti core group, RuutiExpo, Päättäjämiitti, pupil organisations, municipal days for pupils and students, RuutiBudjetti (participatory budgeting), youth groups and

Management boards of comprehensive and upper secondary schools  

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools have management boards which include parent and pupil/student representatives. The boards guide and develop school operations. The Education Committee’s sub-committees appoint the boards to serve for a period of four years. The term of the current management boards is 2021-2025. 

Unless otherwise provided, the management boards of comprehensive and upper secondary schools

  • annually approve plans based on the curricula of comprehensive and upper secondary schools, except for the annual working hours specified in paragraph 2 of section 2 of Chapter 4 of the administrative regulations
  • approves the rules and regulations of comprehensive and upper secondary schools or provides applicable rules and regulations
  • may expel comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students for a period of no more than one (1) month and decides on executing the expulsion before the decision becomes legal and decides on upper secondary school students’ right to attend teaching if they are suspects in a criminal investigation.    

Parent committees at day care centres

Parents are encouraged to participate in the planning and operations of the early childhood education of their children together with the day care centre staff.

Parents may set up committees to support and supplement early childhood education. Parent committees shall have a chair and a treasurer, both of whom must have children in early childhood education.

Parents and parent committees may use the unit facilities free of charge for the purpose of organising events that support early childhood education. If the event is organised outside the opening hours of the unit, the parents are responsible for caring for the children.

Parents and parent committees fund their own operations and organise accounting so that all parents have access to the accounting information. In accordance with the city instructions, early childhood education staff may not participate in collecting or managing parent committee funds.