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The Education division employs approximately 13,000 people. Approximately 4,900 teachers work in the city’s comprehensive and upper secondary schools. The city’s day care centres have approximately 5,000 care and education employees. Helsinki Vocational College has approximately 900 employees. The Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre has approximately 40 full-time teachers and 1,120 part-time teachers. Approximately 300 part-time teachers work at Arbis.

The division administration employs approximately 470 experts in different duties.
All job vacancies are listed in the city’s recruitment system at


We also distribute information about job vacancies through our LinkedIn site.

Application periods

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Permanent (indefinitely valid) offices at comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools are filled in a centralised manner once a year. The application period is in January–February and the performance of duties begins in August.

Fixed-term teaching vacancies are open for application year round. Application for fixed-term positions for the following academic year is usually open in May and June. Schools are in charge of hiring their own fixed-term teaching staff.

Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut provides teachers for short-term substitution work. Teacher substitutes are primarily required for comprehensive school class teacher duties.

Day care centres, playgrounds, family day care

Application for permanent day care centre teacher and childminder vacancies is open every other month. Applications for other permanent duties at day care centres as well as all playground, family day care and fixed-term positions are accepted as necessary.

Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute

The rectors of the respective sectors answer any questions concerning recruitment at Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute. Contact information of the sector rectors

Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre

For further information on jobs, please contact the heads of education.
Languages and theoretical subjects: Head of Education Emmi Komlosi, tel. +358 9 310 88561, emmi.komlosi(at)
Arts subjects: Head of Education Satu Luomajoki, tel. +358 9 310 88656, satu.luomajoki(at)
Practical subjects: Head of Education Jonna Martikainen, tel. +358 9 310 88581, jonna.martikainen(at)

Helsinki Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis

For further information on job vacancies, please contact Deputy Rector Pia Nybom, tel. +358 9 310 494 61, pia.nybom(at)