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The school year in 10th grade allows young people to refine their further study plans, sharpen their knowledge and improve the grades of their certificates. 10th grade classes also acquaint students in vocational and general upper secondary studies. More about service:
Playgrounds and family houses organize activities for families with infants as extensions to the family training provided by family clinics for Helsinki families with their first child. More about service:
Helsinki's public playgrounds organise afternoon activities for schoolchildren. In addition to this, schools, organisations, parishes and private service providers organise group-based afternoon activities at schools or facilities near schools for 1st and 2nd graders and pupils who need special support. The City also organises afternoon activities for schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities and autism. More about service:
The afternoon activities of comprehensive education are organized at schools or at suitable nearby facilities. Activities are organized by schools, non-profit organizations, parishes and private organizers. Children receive a snack during the activities. More about service:
The City also organises afternoon activities for schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities and autism. The afternoon activities are held in schools or in the immediate vicinity of schools. The principles instructed and defined in the action plan for the afternoon activities in Helsinki comprehensive education also apply to the afternoon activities for disabled children. More about service:
Guardians can use this application to apply for a place in City of Helsinki club activities, pre-primary education and municipal daycare that supplements pre-primary education for their child. More about service:
You can apply for clubs via the City of Helsinki's e-services. To edit applications you have submitted via the e-services, please contact Service guidance for early childhood education. More about service:
Please apply for a place in early childhood education and care (ECEC) no later than four months before your child needs a place, even if you are still looking for work, a study place or an apartment in Helsinki. More about service:
Parents and guardians can apply for early childhood education and care provided by the City of Helsinki for their child via the Asti online service.Please submit any applications for pre-primary education and club activities through your e-services folder. More about service:
You can use the paper form to apply for early childhood and care services if you and your family do not have Finnish personal identity codes or online banking credentials, you and your family are unable to apply via the e-services for other reasons, or a member of your family has been granted non-disclosure for personal safety reasons. Please return the paper application primarily by post to the following address: Service guidance for early childhood education, Töysänkatu 2 D, PO Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki. We also accept paper applications at certain playgrounds. More about service:
In apprenticeship training the vocational studies are conducted at the workplace and supported by theoretical studies. Theoretical studies consist of studies in a vocational institution from 1 to 5 days a month, depending on prior education, degree and working experience. More about service:
Pupils are entitled to necessary interpretation and assistant services for schoolwork, other teaching and student welfare services, and special school aids, free of charge. More about service:
You can take part in basic education for adults (aikuisten perusopetus), if you have not completed your basic education, you discontinued your basic education, or you want to improve the grades on your basic education certificate. More about service:
Some schools in Helsinki give bilingual instruction (kaksikielinen opetus). In that case, the instruction takes place in Finnish and another language. More about service:
Comprehensive education lasts for 9 years. All the children living in Finland are subject to compulsory comprehensive education. Children usually complete their compulsory education at comprehensive school, unless they receive instruction in some other way. In most cases comprehensive education starts in the year when the child becomes seven years of age. More about service:
Each child has been reserved a place in their own local school corresponding to the home address. More about service:
The club activities are intended for children in Helsinki from the age of 2 to the beginning of free-of-charge preschool, who are in home care. More about service:
In Helsinki's daycare centres, early childhood education and care (ECEC) is based on the national core curriculum for ECEC and Helsinki's curriculum for ECEC. More about service:

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