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Research permit application, e-service

An online service for applying for a research permit for a study that involves the Education Sector.


1. The application is delivered to the Education Sector.
2. The application is processed, and a decision proposal is written. If the study covers two or more divisions of the Education Sector, the decision maker at each division shall fill in the recommendation. After this, Head of Education will state whether the application should be granted.
3. The decision maker at the Education Sector decides on the granting of the permit.
4. The applicant is notified of the decision through the service.

Processing time:

Processing the permit application may take up to one month. If the application is not adequately filled or some of the necessary attachments are not delivered, the process may take longer.

Expiration date:

The application is valid until the decision is made.

Printable forms:

Personal service:

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