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Special needs education in special needs classes

Special support consists of special needs education and other potential support measures. Special support is primarily organised in the child's local school in connection with regular classes (= integration). The decision on special support in connection with regular classes is made by the principal.

In some cases, special support is organised in a special needs class where the teaching is provided by a special class teacher. One or more special needs assistants may work in the class. A special needs class may have 6-10 pupils.

The pupil may study according to the general curriculum or according to a fully or partially individualised curriculum. In a special needs class, the pupils can all be in the same grade, or the class can have pupils who are in different grades.

Special needs classes are a part of the school's activities, and the classes co-operate with regular classes.

The District Manager makes the decision on special support in a special needs class. Spots in the special needs class are primarily assigned according to the local school principle. If the pupil needs to be assigned elsewhere, the distance of the journey to school will be taken into account.


Special needs education requirements are re-assessed during 3rd grade and before the student enters 7th grade.

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