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Religion or Ethics is a compulsory subject at comprehensive school. The instruction is politically independent and secular. Providing an actual religious upbringing is the responsibility of families, if they so wish. More about service:
A child is entitled to extended compulsory education if they will not be able to achieve the prescribed goals of education in nine years because of a severe disability or illness. More about service:
Family daycare is care provided in the care provider's or the child's home, or specifically planned early education activities organised in a group family daycare home. More about service:
A family daycare provider is a municipal employee who cares for children in his or her home. The size of one daycare group is four children under school age. In addition, one child who is in the preschool education or basic education age and requires part-time daycare can be included in the group. More about service:
Family houses organise open resident based activities for families with small children. More about service:
You may cancell the course place. However the cancellation can cause extra fees for the student. More about service:
An immigrant course free is 50 % of the normal course price. More about service:
Ilmonet, course listings and online enrolment to Adult Education Institutes. More about service:
Notification of direct payment is sent to the customers email. More about service:
At general upper secondary school, you can study Finnish and literature (äidinkieli ja kirjallisuus) based on the Finnish as a second language and literature (suomi toisena kielenä ja kirjallisuus) syllabus if your native language is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami. More about service:
Kotoklubi Kaneli is intended for immigrant families. At Kotoklubi, parents learn Finnish together with their children. At Kotoklubi you sing, play and move. More about service:
Young people and adults can learn a profession through apprenticeship (oppisopimus) training. During apprenticeship training, you will work and study at the same time. More about service:
You can improve your Finnish language skills while learning a profession at Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute (Stadin aikuisopisto). More about service:
The City of Helsinki organises free Finnish language training for Employment Services' customers. The training consists mainly of practical working-life Finnish. More about service:
Finnish or Swedish as a second language and literature (Suomi/ruotsi toisena kielenä ja kirjallisuus, S2) instruction is provided for pupils who do not yet know enough Finnish or Swedish to study the Finnish or Swedish language and literature (suomen/ruotsin kieli ja kirjallisuus) syllabus. More about service:
Finnish-language daycare is available at daycare centres from 6:15 in the morning to 17:30 in the evening. Some daycare centres offer care outside these hours - during evening hours, 24 hours or 7 days a week. More about service:
In flexible comprehensive education (JOPO), students learn both at school and at workplaces. On-the-job learning is an important part of the studies. The studies also incorporate excursions and school camps. In addition to teachers, the classes also have youth workers. The maximum class size is 10 students. More about service:
Students at general upper secondary schools study a wide variety of subjects including their first language and foreign languages, mathematics and sciences, arts and social sciences, religion or ethics, health education, physical education, and crafts and art. More about service:
In group family daycare, two family daycare providers work together in facilities maintained by the municipality. The size of one group is eight children under school age. More about service:
The Helsinki Skills Center (Stadin osaamiskeskus) offers rehabilitation, education and employment services to immigrants. More about service:

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