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The club activities are for children aged 2-4 in Helsinki. Playgrounds and a few daycare centres run by the city have clubs, and they are all free-of-charge. Clubs organise activities for children on 1-4 days a week, for approximately 2.5-3 hours at a time. More about service:
The city has about 300 Finnish-language daycare centres and about 50 Swedish-language daycare centres. In addition, daycare centre Susanna provides early childhood education in North Sami. Municipal daycare centres are open between 6.15 and 17.30. More about service:
Family daycare is one form of early childhood education. It is a great option for toddlers and children aged 3-5 in particular. More about service:
Early education and care is offered in municipal or private daycare, in family daycare or in playgroup club activities. Parents should apply for daycare four months prior to the need for care. More about service:
Early education and care is offered in municipal daycare centres and in private daycare centres. More about service:
According to the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care, private service providers need to notify the municipality of their operations before the operations commence. You can submit the notification using the form titled 'Ilmoitus yksityisten varhaiskasvatuspalveluiden tuottamisesta'. The form needs to include attachments regarding the premises, service provider, and the person responsible. More about service:
Education Division's advisory services team provides general guidance about the division's services and enrolling. More about service:
The general education information desk and the customer service of the archives operate at the service point of the City of Helsinki Education Department. More about service:
The Education Committee grants subsidies to Helsinki-based organisations that provide daytime recreational activities on weekdays (from 8:00 to 17:00) for children under school age who are not participating in early childhood education. The application period is at January. More about service:
A hospitalized patient at the compulsory education age is entitled to instruction. More about service:
Religion or Ethics is a compulsory subject at comprehensive school. The instruction is politically independent and secular. Providing an actual religious upbringing is the responsibility of families, if they so wish. More about service:
An application by which organisations may apply for a compensation for afternoon activities for school children. More about service:
A child is entitled to extended compulsory education if they will not be able to achieve the prescribed goals of education in nine years because of a severe disability or illness. More about service:
A family daycare caregiver is a city employee who provides care for children in their own home.The maximum group size is four children. The group can also include a pre-primary education aged or a school-aged child in the afternoon. More about service:
A family daycare caregiver is an employee of the City of Helsinki who provides care for children in their own home. The maximum group size is four children. The group can also include a pre-schooler or a schoolchild in the afternoon.The care provider and the guardians agree on the hours of care separately for each child based on the guardians' working hours, studies or other needs. Family daycare caregivers generally work for 8-9 hours a day, for an average of 40 hours a week.In the caregiver's absence, we will provide substitute care for the child at a daycare centre, group family daycare centre or in the group of another family daycare caregiver. More about service:
Family houses organise open resident based activities for families with small children. More about service:
You may cancell the course place. However the cancellation can cause extra fees for the student. More about service:
An immigrant course free is 50 % of the normal course price. More about service:

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