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In case a pupil completely fails to achieve the goals of the general curriculum despite enhanced or special needs support, he/she may study according to an individualized curriculum in one or more subjects. More about service:
Studies in vocational education institutions may lead to initial vocational qualifications, vocational qualifications or specialist vocational qualifications. The scope of studies for all initial qualifications is 120 credits, usually completed in three years. More about service:
Preparatory instruction (valmistava opetus) is provided for children and young people with an immigrant background who do not yet know enough Finnish to be able to study in Finnish. More about service:
The Finnish and Swedish language courses are intended for stay-at-home parents whose child is under the age of 3 years. More about service:
Finnish-speaking children in language immersion classes largely study in Swedish. More about service:
Language immersion refers to a method of foreign language learning in which a foreign language is learned in natural connections and meaningful situations. More about service:
At language-oriented daycare centres, a child can learn different languages, including English, French, Russian and Spanish. These daycare centres are private. More about service:
Children are taught Finnish or Swedish as part of the everyday activities at a daycare centre (päiväkoti). More about service:
Local sports sites offer diverse, inspiring and recreational sports opportunities for a broad range of user groups. More about service:
Morning activities for comprehensive school pupils are organised at the City's comprehensive schools or playgrounds near schools. Participation in morning activities is voluntary and free of charge. Participating children are not served a separate breakfast, but can bring their own meals to eat during the activities. More about service:
Morning activities for schoolchildren are organised at the City's Finnish and Swedish language schools. Children can participate in the activities before their school classes start in the morning. Afternoon activities for schoolchildren are organised at playgrounds, comprehensive schools or facilities near schools. Children can participate in the activities as soon as their school classes end. More about service:
Short-term care in parks during the morning hours before noon is available for children under school age. More about service:
There is an aim to give the pupil mother tongue or home language (oma äidinkieli tai kotikieli) instruction. Instruction is organised based on registration. More about service:
The part-time group is suitable for children of families where younger siblings are staying at home or where the parents' work enables the child to have regular, shorter days at daycare. More about service:
Every comprehensive school employs a special needs teacher with a wide focus who provides part-time special needs instruction. More about service:
Playgrounds provide both supervised and unsupervised activities for families and school children. More about service:
In the mornings, playgrounds and family houses organise guided indoor and outdoor activities for families with children. More about service:
In preparatory education (valmentava koulutus, VALMA), you will get the competences you need to apply for vocational upper secondary education and training. More about service:
Preparatory preschool education (valmistava esiopetus) is intended for 7-year-old children who do not yet speak Finnish well enough. Preparatory preschool education strengthens the child's skills in Finnish in order to make their transition to school easier. More about service:
You can apply for preparatory training for general upper secondary education (lukioon valmistava koulutus, LUVA), if your language skills are not yet sufficient to study at general upper secondary school. More about service:

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