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Preschool education is provided for children in the year preceding their compulsory education. The preschool day is 4 hours during the regular school year. In Helsinki preschool education is provided free of charge in public daycare centres and in some schools. More about service:
An online service, through which you may report the data of the matches you have refereed and request the payments for them. More about service:
An online service for applying for a research permit for a study that involves the Education Sector. More about service:
A research permit is required for a study that involves the Education Sector. More about service:
School and student health care doctors - who, what, why, when More about service:
The aim with the health controls is to support and maintain the child's health. More about service:
Lunch is served daily between 10 am and 12 pm. It includes a hot main course, a salad or other raw food item, a beverage, bread and bread spreads. There are two main-course choices daily. More about service:
Club activities are organised for the comprehensive school pupils of Helsinki in connection with the school day. Pupils can participate in the planning and development of these activities, for example, through the students' unions of the schools. Schools' club activities can either be organised by the school's own staff or bought from external operators (free of charge for the participants). In addition to this, schools may have other club activities organised by operators outside of the City (moderate participation costs). The school-specific club selection is available on each school's website under 'Meidän koulu' > Kerho- ja harrastustoiminta. Pupils in morning and afternoon activities can participate in the club activities at the school. More about service:
Comprehensive school pupils may be provided with tickets for Helsinki City Transport by way of transport assistance, provided that their one-way journey from home to school is at least 2 kilometres in forms 1-6 or at least 3 kilometres in forms 7-10. The distance to school means the shortest route commonly used by pedestrians, which is measured from the school gate to the border of the pupil's home. More about service:
Playgrounds organise activities for schoolchildren in the afternoon and during school holidays.A playground is an active environment to which schoolchildren are always free to come to play and take part in activities. More about service:
Children can receive evening, night or weekend care for the duration of their parents' regular shift work or studies. More about service:
Special support consists of special needs education and other potential support measures. Special support is primarily organised in the child's local school in connection with regular classes (= integration). In some cases, special support is organised in a special needs class. More about service:
Sports Service manages about 350 sports fields, many of which are turned into skating rinks in winter. More about service:
Student welfare services aim to render school a safe and pleasant experience for pupils, who should receive necessary guidance and support when faced with challenging situations. More about service:
Arbis offers a wide range of courses at all levels. The students represent all walks of life and all ages. More about service:
Temporary daycare is meant for short-term daycare needs. More about service:
The Finnish Adult Education Institute operates at more than 70 locations throughout the city. More about service:

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