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Temporary daycare is meant for short-term daycare needs. More about service:
We help you with general enquiries about the Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre's services. More about service:
The Finnish Adult Education Institute operates at more than 70 locations throughout the city. More about service:
In three-family daycare, the family daycare caregiver works in the families' homes. More about service:
Vocational education and training prepares you to become a professional on the job market. Vocational education is suitable for people of all ages, and you can apply flexibly, throughout the year. More about service:
Helsinki Vocational College and Adult institute's (Stadin AO) admissions office and Education Division's advisory services team can help you with your enquiries on vocational studies and training. More about service:
Comprehensive schools can specialize in some subjects. Pupils are selected for weighted-curriculum education with aptitude tests. More about service:
Helsinki schools use the Wilma web interface, which guardians can use to obtain information about instruction and teaching arrangements. Wilma is used by pupils and students to monitor their studies. It is used at general upper secondary schools to enroll in courses. More about service:
The City of Helsinki offers WLAN inlets and outlets in the city centre and in different city-owned buildings, for example public libraries. More about service:
Helsinki Vocational College offers four workshops for young people to try out various jobs. A Media Immersion Workshop, a Metal Workshop and WooDoo Workshop. More about service:

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