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The City of Helsinki leases out spaces on bridge railings for banner advertisements. More about service:
If you sell foodstuffs or carry out agency operations in a way that means that the operator (you or your company) has no storage in Finland, you must submit a notification concerning the launch of foodstuff sales, change of operations or change of operator. More about service:
The Environment Centre reports on the algae situation of water areas in Helsinki. More about service:
Poor treatment of animals or inadequate care can be reported to the animal protection service number. More about service:
Reviewing the apartment's possible health hazard. More about service:
An application must be made to the City environment sector's Food Safety unit concerning the establishment of a water plant or water cooperative. More about service:
An online service, which allows the employees of City of Helsinki to apply for job-related housing. Job-related housing is offered to employees of all of the City of Helsinki's divisions, central administration and enterprises (excluding HKL and Helsinki Service Centre, which provide their company housing themselves).Housing applications are renewed in November 2021. All the applications submitted after 18.8.2021 will expire on 18.11.2021. You can apply for an job-related apartment with a new application from 4.11.2021. More information: More about service:
A factory processing or storing foodstuffs of animal origin must make an application to start their operations. More about service:
You can apply for a business parking permit or extend the validity of your buseinss parking permit by email to, or by visiting the Urban Environment Division's customer service point in person. You can buy a permit for 1-12 months at a time, If are applying by email, however, you can only apply for a permit for a maximum of six months at a time. More about service:
Helsinki Building Control grants permits for the construction and repair projects. More about service:
A street, a square or a park can be used as a work area with the city's approval. More about service:
The Environment services gives advice on how to feed birds correctly and states where feeding birds is prohibited in Helsinki. More about service:
Helsinki Building Control Services files drawings and approval documents related to construction projects in Helsinki. They can be found in the archives and you can buy copies there or through electronic service Lupapiste Kauppa. More about service:
A business parking permit allows you to either park near your company's business premises or park almost anywhere in the inner city, both for a low monthly fee. More about service:
You can apply for a resident parking permit via the city's e-services by filling out an online form or by visiting the Urban Environment Division's customer service point in person.If you need a shared permit or a permit that includes the registration numbers of two vehicles, you must visit the customer service point in person. You can buy a permit for up to 12 months at a time. More about service:
E-service through which it is possible to order a cable report for excavation, drilling and quarrying works. More about service:
We offer a safe and affordable storage place for your car in the City's Car Hotel. Located in Tattarisuo, the Car Hotel's storage area is fenced, illuminated and under video surveillance around the clock. The storage area is an uncovered outdoor area. More about service:
Operators of the City of Helsinki offer various services supporting the circular and sharing economy. More about service:
If you think that the reimbursement decision you have received regarding vehicle removal is unfounded, you can submit a claim for rectification. Submit a claim for rectification soon after being notified of the decision. You must submit the claim no later than 30 days of being notified. You do not have to pay the vehicle removal costs while your claim is being processed. You can submit the claim via the city's e-services or deliver it to Urban Environment Division's customer service by post, by email or in person. The claim for rectification must be made in writing, and it must include:- your name (owner or holder of the vehicle, or with a power of attorney) and address- the license plate number of the vehicle in question- the number on the reimbursement decision, and- your bank account number.Attach any documents you wish to submit to the claim before you send it. More about service:
A notification about remediation and handling of contaminated soil has to be done to the Urban Environment Division's Environmental protection unit. More about service:

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