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Helsinki has parks for dogs around the city, which means fenced areas. More about service:
Eco-support is an operating model developed for promoting environmental awareness in the workplace. More about service:
A lighter environmental management system for SMEs and City organisations. More about service:
A lighter environmental management system for events. More about service:
Employment-related housing requires employment with the City of Helsinki and the apartments are rented out on a temporary basis for no longer than five years. The rents are deducted from the employees' salaries. More about service:
The City environment sector's Evironmental protection unit monitors the operations of different firms and businesses. More about service:
If you perform activities that might cause contamination of the environment you need to have a environent permission. More about service:
The Environmental Report is the city's annual review of environmental matters, which is presented to the council. More about service:
Organisations in the environmental field may apply for a grant for their operations. More about service:
Environmental education services are targeted at all age groups. Environmental educators can obtain input and inspiration from nature schools and centres, courses, the Baltic Sea Challenge network and the Vihreä Lippu (green flag) programme. More about service:
Courses organized by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area nature centres and nature schools are aimed at the area¿s teachers, daycare centre personnel, other educators and residents. More about service:
The City environment sector's Environment services maintains information related to energy conservation, sustainable consumption and other environmental issues on its project websites. More about service:
Environmental healthcare covers assignments in accordance with the Health Protection Act, Food Act, Tobacco Act, and Act on Veterinary Service. More about service:
The City environment sector's Environment services collects research data, for example, on water areas, foodstuffs and matters concerning housing health. More about service:
Helsinki Environmental Statistics is an online statistics service, which combines the key variables describing the environmental condition and burden in Helsinki. More about service:
Competent designer must have sufficient studies and experience in equivalent tasks. The Building Control evaluates the eligibility of a designer on a project basis. More about service:
An e-service for making an announcement or filing a license application to the different authorities of Helsinki about events, public happenings and sales and marketing events in Helsinki. More about service:
Finnish nature in spring invites everybody to explore its beauty. The cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide outdoor opportunities for their citizens by organizing guided nature tours. More about service:
A resident can apply for an exemption from connecting to the water and sewer networks. More about service:

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