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An eService application that enables you to check information about your parking fine and make a rectification request if necessary. More about service:
Check the cleaning plan to find out when you home street will be cleaned and remove yourself away from the plough. Order a SMS-notification to know which locations will be cleaned the next day. More about service:
Renovation and energy-efficiency subsidies are subsidies granted from State funds for renovations of residential buildings and dwellings. More about service:
The City of Helsinki is Finland's biggest rental housing provider. More about service:
Based on the Health Protection Act, an operator must make a written report, well in advance before starting operations, to the municipal health protection authorities, which in Helsinki is the City environment sector's Environmental Health unit. More about service:
City environment sector's Evironmental protection unit will give advice on who is in charge of extermination of the rats. If you see rats in the parks and on the streets of Helsinki, you can report your sightings directly to the City environment sector's customer service. More about service:
You can renew and pay your parking permit online. More about service:
Vehicle owners living in the inner city can obtain resident parking permits that entitle them to park in resident parking spaces. More about service:
The City leases and sells plots for houses, apartment buildings and row houses. More about service:
There is a national application form and guidelines for applying for a retail sales license for tobacco products, which are the responsibility of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). More about service:
A property owner or holder can apply for a revision to a current detailed plan. More about service:
The e-service can be used by customers to apply for new right-of-occupancy queuing numbers or to review their valid queuing numbers. More about service:
Right-of-occupancy housing is an intermediate form of housing between rental and owner-occupied housing. More about service:
Since the strands of the Vantaajoki are even, it is easy for people of all ages, even physically disabled to approach the rug washing places. The washing place is open from the beginning of May until mid September from 7 a.m to 9 p.m. More about service:
The City of Helsinki leases out sales spots for food items and other products for public holidays and urban events. The duration of the lease for a seasonal sales spot is usually 1-2 days. Longer leases are also available during Christmas and Easter. More about service:
On request by the ships, the Environment services performs ship inspections in accordance with the WHO's international health regulations (IHR) at the harbours in Helsinki. More about service:
There are many skateboarding sites in Helsinki. Kontula skateboard hall is Finland's largest skating hall. More about service:
This free-of-charge online service contains soil and bedrock maps and information on groundwater. More about service:
The paid service provides detailed soil data for construction sites. More about service:

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