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About us

Helsinki is an attractive city full of vitality, offering events, experiences, facilities, stimulating landscapes and art collections, support for civic activities, learning and education, as well as expert services. The aim of the Culture and Leisure division is to support the mental and physical wellbeing, active citizenship and general knowledge of the city's residents.

Helsinki is a city built first and foremost for people, and is the best city for children and young people. The operations of the City's Culture and Leisure division emphasize freedom: the freedom to choose, to be yourself and to do the things that interest you the most.

The Culture and Leisure Division has four units: Culture, Library, Sports and Youth.

The Culture unit includes the services of the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), the City Museum, the City Orchestra and general cultural services. In addition to this, the Culture Unit is responsible for the City of Helsinki's cultural policy.

The Library unit includes the services of Helsinki City Library.

The Sports unit is responsible for sports, the City's sports policy, the organisation of sports and sports facilities, as well as the City's camping site.

The Youth unit is responsible for youth work and the City's youth policy.

See you in Helsinki!