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Feedback and contact information

The staff of the Culture and leisure division can be reached by phone, email, or by visiting them in person.

The switchboard at +358 9 310 1060 is open on weekdays 8.00-16.00.

Helsinki-info general information service at +358 9 310 11111 is open on weekdays 10.00-15.00.

The telephone numbers of the City of Helsinki's switchboards and key units can be found on The service also includes the telephone numbers of the city employees. You can search for personnel by name, orientation, task of profession, or telephone number.

Staff email adressses are in the format.

Culture and leisure sector's service points can be searched by using the Service Map.

Feedback can be submitted by using the feedback form.

Deputy Executive Director  
Laura Aalto      
+358 9 310 25710

Administrative Director  
Kirsti Laine-Hendolin
+358 9 310 87751

Deputy Director of Culture
Reetta Heiskanen
+358 9 310 32216

Library Director
Katri Vänttinen
+358 9 310 85334

Youth Work Director
Mikko Vatka
+358 9 310 71252

Director of Sports
Tarja Loikkanen 
+358 9 310 87720