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Arts and Culture Grants

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Information on the impact of the coronavirus situation on culture grants can be found here.

!!! The grants for culture, their conditions, and their assessment criteria have been updated. The change will come into effect on 1 June 2022. Read more

Arts and Culture Grants

For whom: Institutions and communities of art and culture, organisations, associations, working groups, artists and residents. Operational grants can only be granted for registered operators based in Helsinki. In addition to registered operators, unregistered working groups and private individuals may also apply for project grants.

For what: For artistic and cultural activities and basic arts education organised in Helsinki and open to the public. For artistic and cultural activities that are open to the public and take place in Helsinki. The grants are directed at supporting activities that are geared towards the citizens of Helsinki, bring people together and into contact with artistic and cultural contents, and offer possibilities for encounters and interaction.​

Specification: The grants are used to support artistic and cultural activities that are open to the public and take place in Helsinki, so the grants are not awarded for the following:​

  • activities that for the most part take place outside of Helsinki​
  • closed events (activities that are only open to a limited group of people can be accepted in case of special target groups)​
  • recordings and publications like books, records, film productions, games, theses, etc.​
  • media broadcasting like print, television, or radio broadcasting, websites, social media platforms, etc.​

The grants are also not awarded for:​

  • religious or party political events​
  • presentations, lectures, or seminars​
  • hobby or club activities for adults​
  • study activities or courses and camps​
  • competition activities​
  • single concerts, single performances or single exhibitions​

The grants are primarily directed at supporting activities that are in line with these principles, but other activities may also be taken into consideration as complementary forms of activity.​

The Arts and Culture grants include two types of grants: operational grants and project grants. The conditions for these are listed below. The two grant types also have differing application forms, madatory appendices, terms of use, and payment schedules.​

Operational grants​

  • For Helsinki based registered operators who have been operating registered for at least one financial year.​
  • For the whole year’s activities.​
  • The artistic and cultural activities for which the grant is awarded for form the central part of the applicant’s operations or can clearly be identified in the applicant’s financial statements, action plan and budget.​
  • Applying for the grant takes place according to announced application periods and is for the next year.​
  • The operational grants can also be awarded as multi-year grants. For the four year period 2023-2026 multi-year operational grants can be awarded to Helsinki based cultural operators that belong to the central government subsidies system (VOS) in the fields of performing arts or music. Read more

Project grants​

  • For registered operators, non-registered working groups, and individuals.​
  • For projects.​
  • The grant may be applied for at any time for activities taking place during the current calendar year. The applicant should however take the preparation and decision-making schedules into consideration.​

Applicants must submit their applications within the deadline via the City of Helsinki’s E-services.  Arts and culture grants will not be awarded retroactively for dates preceding the application. The grant amount must be reasonable in relation to the scope of the activities. Read more about the Grant Assessment Criteria. Applicants do not need to meet all the assessment criteria in order to receive financial support, but awarding the grant and the amount of the grant are evaluated in relation to the criteria.

For event organizers

Job’d Events enables event organisers to hire local youths to help out in organising the events. For the event organisers, the extra workforce is free of charge. Read more

Apply for a culture grant via the E-services (

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