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Call for Applications: Microgrant 2022

The microgrant is a new grant type and trial, which is used to support the arts and culture sector in organising free open-to-all pop-up events and activities throughout Helsinki as part of the process of recovery from the coronavirus crisis. A performance, demo, trial, workshop, flash mob or surprising experience from any field of arts that is held in a park, street area, beach or other public urban space can be regarded as one of these events and activities.  The events must be organised within the period 1 June–31 October 2022

The grant is particularly aimed at freelance artists for organising open events and activities. The grant can be applied for by individual artists, working groups and organisers of cultural events. For example, the rehearsal activities for a pop-up event or the tools and materials acquired for the event can be counted towards the requisite self-financing share.

Grant amount

The total maximum amount of grants to be handed out will be €250,000. The grant sum to be provided is fixed. Grant sums of €500, €1000 or €1,500 for specific events.

  • -The €500 grant is used to support events of individual artists or small working groups that involve the work efforts of 1–2 people.
  • The €1,000 grant is used to support events organised by multiple persons that involve the work efforts of at least 3 people.
  • The € 1500 grant is used to support events organised by a larger group that involve the work efforts of at least 5 people.

Organising an outdoor event

Outdoor performances do not require an official permit in Helsinki. However, organisers of pop-up event must take into account the restrictions and instructions available behind the link. If the event utilises electric sound amplification, for example, the event organiser is obliged to obtain the requisite permits. Instructions for organising outdoor events and applying for permits.

Eligible applicants

Private persons residing in Helsinki are eligible to apply. It is also possible to apply for the grant for the purposes of a working group. Communities with legal capacity, operators or communities that are owned by the City of Helsinki or part of the City Group, or operators domiciled in a city other than Helsinki are not eligible to apply.

Application period

Application period 10 May–23 May 2022 16:00. 

Assessment criteria

The comparison of grant applicants is primarily based on the following assessment criteria: The even or activity has to be open, free of charge, and accessible to all citizens.

To receive the grant, the applicant must fulfil the aforementioned assessment criteria. The regional distribution of the events and activities is taken into account as a supplementary assessment criterion.

Please read the instructions carefully and provide all the information required (see instructions below):

Other terms

The grants are discretionary and handed out based on assessing and comparing the applications and conducting a general evaluation. No applicants have a subjective right to the grant, even if they meet all the assessment criteria. The decision-making is also impacted by the available appropriations.

The grant applications and their purpose of use are public information. 

A single applicant may only submit one application for the separate special grant.

Grants will not be provided for competitions, celebrations, religious or political events, closed events, presentations, lectures or seminars.

The City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division requires applicants to study the application notice and instructions carefully before applying for the grant.

The grant recipients must be aware of and adhere to the General grant application instructions of the City of Helsinki.

Applying for the grant

Applications for the grant must be submitted through the City of Helsinki's electronic service using the Culture and Leisure Division’s special subsidy form. The system asks you to sign in to the e-services. In order to access the e-services and fill in the application. Sign in with online banking codes, mobile certificate or a certificate card to use the e-services. Applications cannot be submitted be e-mail. The applications and their attachments will not be returned. 

Please read the more detailed instructions on applying for the grant and submitting attachments carefully in advance. Fill in the application according to the instructions provided below. Do not wait until the last day to submit your application to avoid congesting the e-services system.

Instructions for filling in the application form through e-services

1/3 Applicant's basic information

  • Select private individual or unregistered working group as the type of applicant.
  • Please fill in all required fields.

2/3 Grant

  • Grant being sought. Select grant type: Other.
  • Indicate the amount of the grant in euros in the section Euros. *Please note that an event-specific grant can be awarded in the amount of €500, €1,000 or €1,500.
  • IMPORTANT! Under Description of the purpose the grant is applied for, respond concisely to the following:
    • Event name and description, max. 250 characters.
    • Planned event date.
    • Event location name, city district and postal code.
    • Private individual or working group. Indicate number of persons, names and roles at the event.
    • Other possible financing and self-financed share of the event.
    • Is the event free of charge and open to residents?

3/3 Additional information

  • Attach the bank's declaration of the account owner or a copy of a bank statement to the application. (This attachment is only required if you are a new applicant or if your bank details have changed.)
  • Please note that attachments cannot be saved in the draft. Add the attachments once you are about to send the application.

Finish off by reading the grant terms. After reading and approving them, check the section “We hereby assure that...”

Please remember to send the application.

Application form

Applications for the grant must be submitted through the City of Helsinki’s electronic services using the Culture and Leisure Division’s special subsidy form. Please read the instructions above.

Late application

In the event that an application is not submitted by the deadline, it will be regarded as late. Late applications are rejected. The applications must be submitted through the City of Helsinki’s e-services by 16:00 on the final application day.


The experts of the Cultural Partnership Unit will assess the applications, and the decision on the grants to be handed out will be made in June. The decisions will be public following the decision-making. The applicants will be sent information about the decision by post.

Payment and use of the grant

The full grant amounts will be paid to the recipients in the form of one-time payments. The grants will be available for use 1 June–31 December 2022. The events must be organised by 31 October 2022. An account of grant use must be provided on a separate form within three months of the event – however, no later than 31 March 2023. A photo of the event must also be attached to the form.

The grants may only be used in accordance with the grant decision.

Grant recipients do not need to provide grant-related receipts/documents to the Culture and Leisure Division, but the recipients are obliged to retain them for a period of five years for a possible tax authority inspection and to present them, by request, to the Culture and Leisure Division, the City of Helsinki or an inspector representing the City.

Additional information

Tiina Laukkanen,, tel. +358 (0)40 176 9173

Sampo Laurikainen,, tel. +358 (0)9 310 80007

Ari Tolvanen,, tel. +358 (0)400 876 433

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