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Grant Assessment Criteria

!!! The grants for culture, their conditions, and their assessment criteria have been updated. The change will come into effect on 1 June 2022. Read more

A uniform set of assessment criteria is used when evaluating applications. Read through the criteria before submitting your application and consider your operations in relation to them. Applicants do not need to meet all the assessment criteria in order to receive financial support, but awarding the grant and the amount of the grant are evaluated in relation to the criteria.​

The assessment criteria applies to the following grant types:

The assessment criteria from June 1, 2022 onwards:

Artistic basis and contents. The evaluation takes into consideration:​

  • the artistic goals and the strength of the activity’s artistic idea, and how this is reflected in the planned operations​
  • how clearly the application expresses the activity’s artistic qualities (e.g. the uniqueness of the activity)​
  • how professional, ambitious, and interesting the activity is, and how significant it is within its field ​
  • how the activity increases the versatility and diversity of contents and forms on offer in the field of art and culture​
  • the activity’s potential for creating something new and the artistic development taking place​

Operational basis. The evaluation takes into consideration:​

  • how professional and credible the activity is​
  • the activity’s effects, partnerships, and scope​
  • how feasible and realistic the activity described in the application is, and how uniform a whole the goals, the plan, and its implementation form​
  • how diverse the resources are, and what financial risks are involved in the activity​
  • how necessary the grant is for the realisation of the activity​
  • the development of operations and how the developing is done​
  • the organization’s ability to evaluate its own operations​
  • how equality and equity are taken into consideration in the operations​
  • how ecological aspects are taken into consideration in the operations​

Diversity, accessibility, and participation. The evaluation takes into consideration:​

  • how the activity adds to diversity being reflected in the artistic and cultural operators and offer in Helsinki​
  • how the activity is made socially, district-wise, culturally, language-wise, financially, age-group-wise, physically, or otherwise more accessible for the audience and participants​
  • how the target groups have been defined and what measures are used to reach different groups​
  • how the activity widens the spectator and participant base in experiencing and creating art and culture, and how it encourages people to engage in a more extensive dialogue about art​
  • how the activity builds community spirit in the city and adds to the opportunities for residents to participate in and carry out activities​
  • how the activity utilises and strengthens operating methods that are based on networks and communities​

The evaluation of applications also takes into consideration the general rules and strategies of the City of Helsinki in force at the time of evaluation.​

The Helsinki Model assessment criteria

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Basic arts education grant criteria

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In addition, the following instructions are followed when processing grant applications:

The application form includes several questions, and by answering them you can explain and demonstrate how the criteria are met by the project or activity for which you are applying the grant.

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