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Instructions and Links

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How to apply

Arts and Culture Grants: Operational Grants and Project Grants

Development Grants

Helsinki Model

Basic Arts Education Grants

Grants to promote cultural activities for the elderly

Separate Grant Calls

Grant Assessment Criteria

Application Schedules

Application Process and Decision-making

Contact Information

Online application

Online Application and Appendices

Culture, Arts and culture: grant application (

General guidelines for using the E-services

Instructions and advice on using the E-services


Application Process and Decision-making

The Culture and Library Sub-committee's decision bulletins (in Finnish)

The Culture and Library Sub-committee's meeting agendas and decision documents 2019 (in Finnish)

The Culture Sub-committee's meeting agendas and decision documents 2017-2018 (in Finnish)

Municipal office-holder decisions 2021 onwards (in Finnish)

Municipal office-holder decisions 2020 (in Finnish)

Municipal office-holder decisions 2017-2019 (in Finnish)

STT Info's newsletters (City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division)

Appeal Instructions

Using a grant and creating reports

Using a Grant and Creating Reports

Instructions for the Recipients of Project Grants

Instructions for Recipients of Operational Grants

Reporting form for arts and culture grants, project grants (in Finnish)

Download Helsinki’s logo

Basic arts education

Basic Arts Education Grants

Instructions for Institutions of Basic Arts Education

A List of Educational Institutions with an Approved Curriculum

Basic Arts Education Act (in Finnish)

Finnish National Board of Education, Core Curriculum for Basic Arts Education 2017 (in Finnish)

Cultural Activities for the Elderly

Grants to promote cultural activities for the elderly

Other useful links

Helsinki City Strategy

City of Helsinki, Culture and Leisure Committee

City of Helsinki, Culture and Library Sub-Committee (in Finnish)

The City of Helsinki’s service map

Instructions for event organisers (in Finnish)

Job'd Events: Employ young people

Kultus  Arts and culture for schools and daycare

The Culture and Leisure Committee’s decision on 13 February 2018, Section 28 The shared grant principles of the Culture and Leisure Division (in Finnish)

The Culture Division’s decision on 20 March 2018, Section 10 The Culture Division’s types of grants and assessment criteria and the decision appendix (in Finnish)

General guidelines for distributing the City’s grants  (in Finnish)

Other operators providing support for culture 

Subsidies of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Regional Council (Uudenmaan liitto)

Foundations and grants

Grants for Culture main page


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