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Instructions for the Recipients of Operational Grants

The grants may only be used for specified purposes. The City has the right to recover the grant amount, either in full or partially, if the recipient does not comply with the grant rules.

Operational grants are paid as follows:

  • grants of less than 4,000 euros as a single instalment,
  • grants of 4,000–10,999 euros in two instalments, and
  • grants of more than 11,000 euros in four instalments.

The first instalment of a grant is paid immediately after the decision has been made. The following instalments will always be paid on the seventh day of the first month of each payment period (7 January, 7 March, 7 June and 7 September). If the seventh day of a month is a Saturday or a Sunday, the payment will be made on the next weekday.

The recipients of operational grants will be notified of the following conditions, confirmed by the City, concerning the use of and application for grants:

Receiving a grant requires that the community’s operations and financial management comply with the instructions provided by the City Board.

The recipients must plan ahead their operations for the entire year, taking into account the fact that the City cannot award supplementary grants.

The City may demand that a grant be returned if it is being used for something other than the purpose indicated in the application, or if other special conditions set for the grant’s use are not being complied with or if the recipient has provided false or incomplete information to the City authorities regarding the grant.

A community may not use the grant awarded by the City to cover expenses relating to fundraising, business operations or investments or to increase the amount of its financial assets or other long-term investments.

Grant recipients must keep records in accordance with the Accounting Act and the provisions pursuant to the Act. Financial records must be kept in a way that allows for the monitoring of the grant’s use. The recipients must organise audits in accordance with the Auditing Act.

The recipients must provide the City’s officials with the information they deem necessary for the purpose of processing the grant applications, awarding the grants and monitoring the use of the grants. They must also allow people authorised by the Audit Department’s assessment manager or the director of internal audit to inspect the community’s accounts and administration and agree with the accounting measures deemed essential.

The City has the right to collect receivables owed to it or the Helsinki City Group in connection with the grants awarded, whether these receivables are the result of guaranteeing the loans of a community that has been awarded a grant or some other reason (such as rents or interest on arrears).

Any incomplete applications will be returned to the applicants to be processed again. If the missing information or documents have not been submitted by the deadline issued by the office holder, a proposal will be made to reject the incomplete application. Furthermore, a proposal will be made to reject applications submitted after the deadline or found to contain false information. The same also applies to applications by applicants who failed to comply with the general or special conditions governing the use of the grant awarded the previous year.

Reports regarding operational grants when applying for new grants includes submitting an annual report and financial statements.

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