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Multi-year Operational Grants 2023-2026​

Multi-year operational grants are operational grants for communities and, as a rule, they are subject to the same terms and conditions as other operational grants. For the four year period 2023-2026 multi-year operational grants can be awarded to Helsinki based cultural operators that belong to the central government subsidies system (VOS) in the fields of performing arts or music. ​

Operational grants are confirmed by application each year if there are no significant changes to the appropriation allocated to culture by the city or to the operating environment and the criteria set for the level of operations are still met.​

The application period for multi-year operational grants will open on 1 June 2022 and end on 31 August 2022 like the other operational grants. Decisions on recipients for the period of 2023–2026 will be made by the end of 2022. ​

The following special assessment criteria will be taken into account in the processing of multi-year operational grant applications for the period of 2023–2026: ​

Productional and financial quality of operations: ​

  • established nature and level of operations ​
  • the operator has the preconditions to maintain the level of operations achieved ​
  • the operating plan and budget for the project period are realistic and feasible​

Artistic and content-based quality of operations:​

  • artistic vision and professionalism ​

In addition, the operator undertakes to ​

  • put in place an equality and non-discrimination plan ​
  • put in place a self-assessment tool that the community uses in cooperation with its employees and, for example, the board of the association to assesses the level and development of its operations at least in the following areas: ​
    • Wellbeing at work ​
    • Competence in management
  • participate in partnership discussions organized by the cultural services of the city in order to discuss the self-assessment results. They must also be included in the annual report or submitted at the time of reporting. ​

The assessment of the operational grant amount is based on the actual expenses of the operating unit and the level of municipal funding. The actual expenses are taken into account as an average of expenses in 2019, 2020 and 2021. For the time being, the target level of municipal funding aims at a 15% share of the actual expenses. However, it is possible to apply different emphases, for example, based on cultural-political grounds. In this context, the need for the grant will also be assessed as a whole.​

The grants are discretionary. ​

If the Ministry of Education and Culture withdraws the eligibility approval of the performing arts operating unit for the central government subsidies system (VOS), the multi-annual grant period will be discontinued and the operating unit must then apply for an annual operational grant. ​

Objectives, purpose and target communities of multi-year operational grants ​

A multi-year operational grant can be awarded to a community that has been part of the central government subsidies system (VOS) since the beginning of 2022. The purpose of the multi-year operational grant is to commit to the operating units within the central government subsidies system (VOS) in the long term based on the level of municipal funding. In addition, the aim is to strengthen the partnership, streamline the application process and ensure operating conditions for operators whose level of operations is already of a high quality and established and who have stable financial operating conditions. ​

Applying for multi-year operational grants ​

Multi-year operational grant reporting takes place annually in the form of the annual report and financial statements. Self-assessment will be discussed annually during the partnership discussions. The self-assessment results must also be included in the annual report or submitted annually as a separate appendix. Annual renewal applications are submitted in the city’s e-services. The four-year operating plan (with possible updates) submitted in the first year of application must be appended together with an annually updated budget. The deadline for submitting renewal applications is separately announced on the Grants for Culture website each year.

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