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Grants for sports

Helsinki quick grants

The city will award project based grants of maximum 5 000 euros per application for sports events that can quickly utilize various innovative and digital ways to or activate Helsinki residents with a low threshold to exercise, during the period of corona restrictions.

The grant can be applied using the sports grant form for events with the online electronic services of the City of Helsinki. Please provide detailed information on the event, how it activates the residents of Helsinki, what is the target audience, how it is implemented technically and how you plan to take into account the recommendations of the authorities related to the corona.

The application period is continuous for the time being, applications will be taken as groups to be processed approximately every two weeks. The evaluating process will be accelerated, and the decisions will be made as municipal officeholder decisions. Applications received by Fri 27 March 16 hrs will be processed in the first round.

Granting an express grant (sports)

An quick-grant may be granted to registered associations, companies or communities whose event/project activates Helsinki residents to move with a low threshold in appropriate ways during the period of corona related restrictions. The grant has to be applied for before the event takes place.

Emphasis will be placed particularly on

  • the scope of the event or project,
  • how much the event reaches and activates the Helsinki residents
  • promotion of community
  • promotion of participation
  • events for children and young people
  • events that aim to inspire new target groups to everyday activity, independent or guided physical activity

The grant is discretionary. The amount of the grant is affected by revenue from the activities and other external funding opportunities (e.g. public support).

Acceptable expenses for the event are expenses related to organizing the event.

The grant may only be used to cover the costs of the event. The grant is paid after the report of the event has been submitted to the sports service. The decision on the distribution of the event grant is made by the manager of the sports services.

The City of Helsinki will not recover already granted subsidies for arts and culture

Because of the closures and cancellations of activities caused by the coronavirus the city has decided not to call back the grants that have already been awarded to culture and leisure. The Culture, Sport and Youth sections of the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division will provide you with more detailed directives and information about decisions during the spring 2020.

The grants can be moved to be used later, even up to the spring of next year, or the content of the activities can be altered with a low threshold. The city acknowledges the situation, is flexible with the use of the grants, and understands that circumstances have changed and become more difficult.

Frequently asked questions about Helsinki quick-grants


Sports Services' grants are allocated annually. Information on how to apply for grants for 2018 will be published on this page in December 2017.

Grants 2017

The application period for Sports Services' event grants for 2017 ended on Tuesday, 31 January 2017, while the application period for operating and facility usage grants ended on Wednesday, 15 February 2017. The launching grant can be applied for throughout the year.

Sports Services organised two information events on grants
Event material 
Grant info (PDF, in Finnish)
Grant form info(PDF, in Finnish)

Launching grant

Can be issued to associations that have been in operation for less than one year or associations that have initiated their registration process. The grant can only be issued once for one association. The launching grant can be applied for throughout the year. Applications should be primarily submitted through the City's e-services system at Paper applications should be submitted to the City registry. The sum for the launching grant is EUR 200.

Event grants, application period ended on 31 January 2017

The Sports Committee decided on the allocation principles and application period for the total sum of EUR 77,000 to be distributed as event grants for sports events.
More information on event grants.

Sports-related civic activity grants

The application period of 2017 for eligibility, the operating and facility usage grant, the orienteering map grant, the transportation grants for groups of pensioners or other special groups, and grants for associations which promote sports, ends on 15 February 2017. The primary application method for the grants is the electronic form at

Types of grants available to associations that meet the eligibility criteria

1) Operating grant
The funding is allocated based on the number of active participants in Helsinki and their number of exercise instances.

2) Facility usage grant
The grant is issued for the use of a facility for the entire year, based on the applying association's actual rents from the previous year and facility usage plan for the application year. 
Facility usage grant application appendix

The free-of charge, supported use of sports facilities ended on 30 April 2016.

3) Orienteering map grant
The funding is allocated based on orienteering associations' manufacturing costs of orienteering maps from the previous year. 

4) Transportation grant for groups of pensioners or other special groups
The funding is allocated based on transportation intended for pensioners or special groups to sports events, organised and financed by the association in the previous year.

5) Operating grant for other associations that promote sports activities
The operating grant for other associations that promote sports activities is intended for associations and sports clubs that are not eligible for other grants, but meet the requirements for other associations that promote sports activities, as defined by the Sports Committee. The amounts of the grants are calculated based on the volume, quality and economic efficiency of the operations.

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