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Participate and influence

Under the Local Government Act, the City of Helsinki is required to establish the conditions in which, in municipal activities, opportunities can occur for the residents to participate and exert an influence.

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Organising events

Are you planning to implement an art event, cultural event or urban event? Does your sports club need start-up funding? The City of Helsinki offers different types of subsidies for organising activities and events in order to ensure a diverse range of activities and events that are accessible to everyone.

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Support for sports

Instructions for event organisers (in Finnish)

Send feedback

You can participate and exert an influence by sending us feedback using the feedback form. In addition to the feedback form, information on customer experiences is gathered through customer satisfaction surveys, customer panels, and the social media.

Participation and influence of young people

The City of Helsinki promotes the operating conditions of Helsinki-based youth organisations and youth groups and the procedures for ensuring opportunities for young people to participate and exert an influence in society, while also helping the organisations ensure the continuity of their operations and supporting projects implemented by non-government action groups.

The City of Helsinki manages a network of roughly 100 facilities in various parts of the city which are available for use by youth organisations and youth groups upon application. The Partnership Unit handles the preparation of awarding subsidies for youth organisations and youth action groups, in addition to supporting the development of the activities of youth organisations and youth groups.

The AV and camp equipment rental service, copying centre and layout workshop, as well as Wempaimisto at the Nature House for Young People, provide user support and borrowing services.