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Apply for or check a queue number

You can apply for a queue number in three ways: in our e-services, using an online form or with a printed application. You can also use the e-services’ application form and online form to check your valid queue number.

You will receive information about your new queue number in your e-services folder, e-mail or by mail. You will receive your queue number on the next weekday following the day you submitted your application.

The current queue numbers are valid until 31 December 2023 due to the new Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act.

Apply for a queue number or check your valid queue number:


In order to use the e-services, you need to have online banking credentials. You will receive information about your queue number in your e-services folder, and the information will be stored there even if you use the number.

You can find your valid queue number on page 1 of your right-of-occupancy queue number application form, see also the instructions for reviewing your queue number (pdf) (in Finnish).

Online form

You do not need online banking credentials to fill the online form. Your queue number will be sent to the e-mail address you have given on the form.

In order to view your valid queue number, enter your personal identity number and click the ‘Verify the personal identity number’ button.
Printed application (pdf) You can also apply for a queue number by printing out an application form, filling it out and sending it to the address indicated on the form.



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