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Who is eligible for a right-of-occupancy apartment

In order to be eligible to receive a right-of-occupancy apartment, the applicant must be 18 years of age or older, in need of a right-of-occupancy apartment and hold the lowest queue number among the applicants interested in an apartment.

Your need for the apartment will be reviewed before you can be accepted as a recipient of a right-of-occupancy apartment, and for this purpose, the right-of-occupancy company will ask you to submit a statement of your assets (pdf) (in Finnish). The company will submit your statement to the city, and the city will review whether you meet the requirements to receive a right-of-occupancy apartment.

The applicant is not considered to be in need of a right-of-occupancy apartment if he or she:

  1. owns a home in the application area that is reasonably similar to the right-of-occupancy apartment applied for in terms of its location, size, amenity standard, housing costs and other properties; or
  2. has enough assets to finance at least 50% of the current market price of an apartment similar to the one applied for or to renovate the home he or she owns in the application area to correspond to the apartment applied for.

The above-mentioned terms do not apply to applicants looking to switch from one right-of-occupancy apartment to another or who are 55 years of age or older.

The wealth limit is apartment-specific. In the Helsinki region, the wealth limits are calculated based on Statistics Finland’s quarterly tables on housing company apartments’ debt-free prices per square metre. The wealth limit is obtained by multiplying a corresponding apartment’s price per square metre with the number of square metres in the apartment applied for and dividing the result by two.

In new buildings, the right-of-occupancy fee, 15% of the value of the apartment, can be used to calculate the wealth limit.

09.08.2021 12:16