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Rental apartments

Urban environment division’s housing services allocates over 4000 rental apartments each year. The majority are so called ARA-apartments, where the applicants’ need for housing, income and wealth are taken into consideration. Rental contracts are permanent and there are no rental guarantees.

The tenant selection for non-subsidised housing and short-term housing is not regulated by law. Short-term housing is meant for people, who have the need to live elsewhere for a few months due to e.g. plumbing renovation, work assignment or practical training.  The length of such a lease agreement varies from two to five months. A deposit is charged for some of the non-subsidised apartments and/or they have a fixed-term lease agreement.

Urban environment division’s housing services also allocates company housing to the employees of the City of Helsinki (Social services and health care sector, Education sector, Culture and leisure sector). These apartments are rented out with agreements that are valid until further notice. 

19.02.2020 12:53