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Most of the company housing consists of studios or two-room apartments, but there are also some three- or four-room apartments available. The company-owned apartments are located in different parts of the city. The rent per square meter varies from €10.56 to €21.91 per month depending on the size and location of the apartment. The apartments are owned by Premises Services, Asuntohankinta and Auroranlinna.

There are also furnished shared apartments available. You can apply for them on an apartment-specific basis; they are marked with the term “soluhuone” (room in a shared apartment) on the apartment list.

Leases and termination  

The lease for company housing is invoiced. Current tenants whose lease has been collected directly from their salary will be notified of the transitional period after which their lease will begin to be invoiced.

Issues related to leases and termination of company housing are handled by the Facility Services’ Rental Apartments unit (e-mail:

09.06.2020 13:44