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Company housing

The Urban Environment Division’s Housing Services unit offers company housing to the employees of the City of Helsinki.

Company housing is bound to employment with the City of Helsinki, and the lease agreements are valid until further notice. No rental security deposit is charged for the housing.

Company housing is offered to employees of all of the City of Helsinki’s divisions, central administration and enterprises (excluding HKL and Helsinki Service Centre, which provide their company housing themselves):

  • Audit Department
  • Culture and Leisure Division
  • Education Division
  • Financial Management
  • Helsinki City Executive Office
  • Occupational Health Helsinki
  • Rescue Department
  • Social Services and Health Care Division
  • Stara
  • Urban Environment Division

Fields with labour shortages are prioritised in the provision of company housing. For more information, refer to the Principles of tenant selection page. 

Applying for company housing requires strong authentication with online banking credentials or other electronic authentication. When you apply for housing in the city’s e-services, you can update your application afterwards.

Leases and termination  

Issues related to leases and termination of company housing are handled by the Premises Services' Rental Apartments -unit (e-mail:

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