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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can apply for company housing?

2. I will be working for the City of Helsinki as a summer employee. Can I apply for company housing?

3. For how long can you live in company housing?

4. How are the tenants selected?

5. What should I do after I get a housing offer?

6. I want to switch company-owned apartments. What should I do?

7. When is the tenant selection made?

8. Can I get an apartment if I am not on the list of prioritised job titles?

9. I have an urgent need for housing. Why haven’t I received housing yet?

10. I want to update my application. What should I do?

11. I turned down an offer for company housing – can I get a new housing offer?

12. How do I terminate a lease agreement? What is my period of notice?

13. Can I rent a furnished apartment or a room in a shared apartment?

14. How do I report defects or repair needs in company housing?

15. I have a bad credit rating. Does this affect my chances of getting a housing offer?


09.06.2020 13:47