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Work and Training

The Ansio course helps young people search for a summer job

On the Ansio (“Earnings”) course, you will gain valuable information about working life and improve your chances of getting a summer job. The course consists of two lessons and 12 hours of training within a month. The training will take place at HOK-Elanto’s places of business. Once you have concluded the course, you will receive an ANSIO diploma, which you should always keep with you when applying for jobs. The course is free of charge.


Work try-out positions at the youth workshops

The Helsinki Vocational College has four youth workshops: Mediakylpylä (“media spa”), Metalliverstas (“metal workshop”), Sininen Verstas and WooDoo Werstas. Each workshop has 34 work try-out positions.


Employment guidance for customers of the child welfare services and young people's social work

Employment guidance for young people is intended for people aged 17 to 24 years, who are customers of the child welfare services or young people's social work and require support and guidance for seeking education or work.

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Ansio course

Ansio course gives you information about job interviews, good customer service, how to apply a summer job etc.

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Workshops for young people

Helsinki Vocational College offers four workshops for young people to try out various jobs.

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