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Rescue operations

The Rescue Department is responsible for performing the rescue operation assignments when a fire, another accident or a threat of these demand urgent measures in order to protect or rescue a human life or health, property or the environment.          

Rescue operations include:

1. Accepting emergency calls
2. Warning the population
3. Preventing a threatening accident
4. Protecting and saving people, the environment and property in danger.
5. Extinguishing fires and limiting damage
6. The duties include leadership, communication, service and other support operations.

The Helsinki City Rescue Department is in charge of the fire and rescue operations in the City of Helsinki area, 24/7 all year round.  Any collaborative operations exceeding the borders of the Rescue Department have been agreed upon through a cooperation agreement with the Rescue Departments of Helsinki and Eastern, Central and Western Uusimaa. Preparedness, fleet, competence and staff resources have been planned for various accident risks.

The Rescue Department has nine rescue stations in different locations in the city, eight of which operate all year round. The Suomenlinna rescue station operates annually from May to the end of August. The emergency centre will call the closest rescue unit available in each rescue station for fire extinguishing and rescue assignments. If necessary, the fifteen of Helsinki’s contract fire departments are used as support. As the city develops and grows, the Rescue Department will evaluate and plan its operations continuously.