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Preventing accidents

Under the headline Preventing accidents, you can find information on chimney sweeping, structural fire safety, fire inspections, safety training, rescue plans, self-preparedness, chemical control by the rescue authorities and the organising of a public event. Instructions and forms related to accident prevention are available on the right-side bar of the front page, under the section Instructions for self-preparedness.

Based on the Rescue Act that came into force 1 July 2011, the operations based on fire inspections will be gradually replaced with monitoring based on risk assessments. Changes in legislation concerning the monitoring help to better target the monitoring by the Rescue Department towards the area’s specific risks and other monitoring needs. Locations to be inspected are no longer defined by the law, but instead the Rescue Department decides upon them as a part of the action plan of accident prevention work. Most of the monitoring work carried out by the Rescue Department has been subject to a charge since 1 January 2013, as defined in section 96 of the Rescue Act (379/2011). The charge will be based on the actual costs and the Rescue Services’ national recommendations on the implementation of the payments. More information about the chargeability of monitoring and the invoicing fees of the Rescue Department is available under the Fire inspection section of these pages.

Contact information of the control unit (in Finnish) 

On-call fire safety inspector

The on-call fire safety inspector (tel. +358 (0)9 310 31203 and email is available to answer the fire-safety related questions of Helsinki residents on weekdays between 9.00am and 11:00am, and between 12 noon and 2:00pm.

Notification of an accident risk

According to section 42, subsection 2, of the Rescue Act (379/2011), the rescue authorities must work together in order to prevent accidents. If the authorities, during their official operations, observe or otherwise find out about an obvious fire hazard or other accident risk in some building, apartment or other location, they must notify the area’s rescue authorities of the matter without being impeded by possible confidentiality decrees. This notification obligation also applies to a municipality, other public communities and personnel employed by these communities, as well as the operator and personnel responsible for maintaining a care institution and for the organisation of service and supported housing, as defined in section 18, subsection 2.
The Helsinki City Rescue Department requests that notifications of obvious fire hazards and other accident risks are addressed to the following parties:

Notification containing private information
• Other notifications:
• In urgent emergency situations call the emergency number 112

For example, all notifications concerning apartments and people’s lifestyle should be made through the provided link. The obvious fire hazards and other accident risks included in the rescue authorities’ operations are:
• A noticeably large amount of burning materials inside an apartment
• Dangerous electronic set-ups, etc.

Further information: On-call fire safety inspector

Service map

Information about your property’s civil defence district, section and subsection is available on the City of Helsinki Service Map

Do the following, when using the Service map page:

  1. Enter the property’s address into the search field
  2. Click the right address in the list of proposed addresses
  3. In the following menu, choose Areas and districts
  4. Civil defence district information is displayed at the bottom of the list

Information about your property’s nearest public alarm siren is available on the City of Helsinki Service Map

Do the following, when using the Service map page:

  1. Select Browse services
  2. From the following list, choose Public safety
  3. Choose Public alarm systems

You can measure the distance between a public alarm siren and a property by using the search field to find the property on the map and then using the tool function in the lower right-hand corner of the map screen to measure the distance.

Fire inspection

Information about preventing accidents

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