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Making an evacuation safety report

In the evacuation safety report, the operator must present:

  1. how the limited, reduced or different functional capacity of the residents or treated patients affects the evacuation process during a fire and other dangerous situations;
  2. whether the residents or treated patients can evacuate independently, with the personnel’s assistance or with the personnel’s and the Rescue Department’s assistance;
  3. what is the operational preparedness of the personnel and other possible external assistance;
  4. how long does it take for the residents or patients to evacuate their room and the fire compartments.


The evacuation safety review is done, based on the most difficult possible situation concerning the rescue operations. This refers to a situation where the number of staff and their operational preparedness are at their lowest and the number of patients/residents is the highest possible and their functional capabilities are the lowest. The evacuation safety report form has more detailed instructions for compiling the review.

An operator can draft the evacuation safety report
• utilising the Helsinki City Rescue Department’s Evacuation safety report form (in Finnish) (recommended method), or
• in a free format by using the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK’s form and their guide,
• while ensuring that the content requirements presented in the decree on the evacuation safety report are met.

The evacuation safety report and its attachments must be sent to the Rescue Department’s registrar’s office
by email to: (subject field: ”Evacuation safety report/location’s address”)
by email to:
City of Helsinki, Registrar's office
Rescue Department
PO Box 10
00099 The City of Helsinki

The requested mandatory attachments and other information necessary for assessing the evacuation safety information must be attached to the review. See the instructions for the necessary evacuation safety report form.
The evacuation safety report must be updated every three years or if the operations change in some essential way. The updated report must be delivered to a rescue authority for evaluation. If the information in the evacuation safety report does not change during the update process, the operator must notify the area’s rescue authority of this in writing.