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The role of collaboration between school and home is described in the curriculum, the form of collaboration varies and is determined by each school.

Each Helsinki city school is governed by a school board. Parents choose their school board representatives from amongst each other. School board is appointed by the Helsinki City division of Education for a four year term. School board has a mandate over the school’s annual action plan, and it proposes school’s own curriculum for approval by the Helsinki City division of Education.

At Ressu Comprehensive School there is an active Parent Teacher Association, which supports the students and the school. The PTA  arranges events in cooperation with the school. . @ressuPTA

Internet portal Wilma has been created for home school communication. Teachers use wilma to inform the guardians about their child’s schooling, and the guardians use wilma e.g. to inform the school of their child’s absences.

Other home school collaboration at Ressu Comprehensive School includes whole school information evenings, where guardians are invited to find out about the programmes and about the curriculum, and to meet the principal and the coordinators.

Due to Covid19, the whole school meet-the-staff meeting is not held in the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022, instead, all class teachers and homeroom teachers arrange remote parent meetings. 

Class parent evenings allow for collaboration between the class community and the teacher. Student assessment is a part of home school collaboration.

Annual parent-teacher conferences or three-way conferences are arranged for each student receiving intensified or special support. Primary school grades 1-6 arrange student led conferences in the spring term. We observe Covid19 regulations carefully, and will arrange PYP Open houses remotely during academic year 2021-2022.Field trips, class camp school and galas are other forms of home-school collaboration which will be arranged when safe.

Social media

School has a Facebook and an Instagram account, which give guardians an insight into what happens at the school on a regular basis @ressunperuskoulu.

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