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The principal guidelines for the education in Santahamina Primary School

The principal guidelines for the education in Santahamina primary school

The school’s principal philosophy is summed up with:

            I = inquiry, individuality, and independency
            D = daring, and developing
            E = enthusiasm, and excitement
            A = activity, and ability to use and improve thinking skills in our school.

School introduction

Santahamina primary school is situated within the Santahamina army area. The island, on which the school is located, represents an important natural and social framework for the school’s identity.

Santahamina primary school is specialized in ICT-supported pedagogics and web-based learning environments. As part of a pilot project launched by the Helsinki Education Department Santahamina primary school has been able to equip its students with Ipad –tablets for use in class. In accordance with the new curriculum of 2016, the school’s students have furthermore planned and designed a “classroom of the future” – an innovative learning environment which offers the students the possibility to choose from various ergonomic studying facilities.

The school-specific curriculum forms the basis of the school’s operations and teaching. The curriculum is based on the national and municipal curricula.

Students of the first and second grade are taught in mixed age groups. The study of foreign languages represents a central objective of the school. English as a compulsory foreign language is taught from 3rd grade onwards to all students (A1-language). German is offered as an elective foreign language (A2), starting in 4th grade. According to the new curriculum of 2016, Swedish, as Finland’s second official language, is taught from 6th grade onwards.

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