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Toivola School (Toivolan koulu) is in the Itä-Pakila district of Helsinki. It is a modern special school which provides adapted comprehensive school teaching for children and early teens.

The history of Toivola School can be considered to have begun on September 11, 1922. It was then that the first inmates arrived at Toivolan Children's Home, which had been set up to take orphans from the Civil war at the end of the previous decade. Right from the start, there was also a primary school at the Home.

In 1946, Toivola was turned into a boarding school for children with learning problems. The same year, it was officially made a school for remedial teaching. In 1975, Toivola School stopped being a private boarding school and became a special school operating under the City of Helsinki's Education Department.

Toivola School has both an upper and a lower level. There are one hundred pupils, and ten comprehensive school classes. Integrated and differentiated teaching gives the pupils sufficient basic knowledge and skills to make out in day-to-day life. In addition to the cognitive skills like Finnish and mathematics, teaching stresses the development of manual skills and learning by doing.

The physical education facilities and the swimming pool built at the school play an important therapeutic role. These facilities offer a treatment option side by side with school work in the care of children receiving remedial teaching.

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