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Social and health care services in Helsinki to be reformed

Social and health care services in Helsinki are to be reformed. The services are to be brought together into three centres, which will provide services in a comprehensive manner, under the same roof.

1. Family Centres will offer basic services for families with children, as well as early support and special support services. The services will include maternity and child health clinics, home services, speech therapy, the Family Counselling Office, physiotherapy and Child Welfare Services.

2. Health and Well-Being Centres
will provide health care and social services for the working-age population. The services will include health station, dental, psychiatric and substance abuse services, youth and adult social work and social guidance services, rehabilitation services, services for the disabled and laboratories.

3. Comprehensive Service Centres
will provide services for the elderly and those with multiple illnesses. The centres will be low-threshold meeting places, where clients can receive help with different kinds of needs and problems when suffering from a reduced ability to function.

The new forthcoming data system Apotti is being utilised as a tool for reforming services.

Reformation timetable

Why are we reforming these services?

We want to act boldly in reforming social and health care services. Our starting point is identifying client needs better than before, and focusing services more precisely. Our aim is to improve the availability, client experience, effectiveness and productivity of our services. We intend to make using the services an easy and convenient experience.