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Reformation schedule

The plan is for healthcare, social services and rescue services to be organised based on the new model from 2023 onwards. The well-being areas responsible for healthcare, social services and rescue services will start operating in early 2023.

Changes to legislation are being prepared for the health and social services reform. The government’s proposal draft was sent out for commenting in June–September 2020. The government’s proposal was handed to the parliament in December 2020.


  • June–Sep 2020: The government’s draft of a legislative proposal was distributed for comments.
  • July 2020: Helsinki started the preparation of the reform with the projects Structural Reform and Future Health and Social Services Centre.
  • October 2020: Based on the comments, the government delivered a modified draft to the board that assesses legislation.
  • December 2020: The government reform proposal was submitted to parliament.


  • Reform laws processed by the parliament
  • Reform laws entering into force
  • December 2021: End of the Structural Reform project


  • Temporary administration starts
  • Regional election
  • March 2022: Terms of the regional councils and the HUS collaborative body start
  • December 2022: End of the Future Health and Social Services Centre project


  • Healthcare, social services and rescue services transferred to the well-being areas

Reform schedule 2020–2022 at maintained by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health