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Services of Social Services and Health Care Sector

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AA groups provide support for staying sober. More about service:
A person can request to have access to patient data information via different ways. More about service:
We support older informal care families at the activity centres for informal care. More about service:
Adaptation coaching is an individual or group-form activity with a definite goal, where the result is social rehabilitation, minimising the problems caused by the disability. More about service:
Nurses at your local health station can administer medication to treat various illnesses. More about service:
Emergency services for adolescents under 16 years of age are provided by the New Children's Hospital, for older citizens at Haartman ja Malmi hospitals. More about service:
Adoption counselling is available to residents of Helsinki and Vantaa. The counselling is free of charge for customers. Counselling is provided regarding domestic, international and inter-family adoption. More about service:
A person wishing to adopt a child or give his or her child up for adoption is required to first attend adoption counselling. More about service:
If you are considering giving your child up for adoption, you can come and discuss the matter with a social worker. More about service:
Social work is responsible for the social work services of new social assistance customers, who are using the services for the first time in Helsinki, as well as for supplementary and preventative social assistance. More about service:
The task of a Child Welfare Officer is to assist parents in making an agreement and compile an executable document of the issues agreed by the parents. More about service:
Financial support for commissioning clothing or significant changes or due to faster than normal wear and tear of clothes, due to the disability. More about service:
Helsinki residents have the option to have an anonymous HIV test in the laboratories of health stations. More about service:
This service is intended for a person with severe disabilities, whose apartment or its immediate surroundings include obstacles that make everyday activities difficult. More about service:
A reduction or non-recovery of client fees may be applied using a freeform application, an official application template or an electronic form. More about service:
You have to apply for basic social assistance (income support) from Kela. You can apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance with the same application which Kela will forward to the City of Helsinki. More about service:
The service centres offer a wide range of possibilities for arts and crafts. There is for example instructed wood and metal working. More about service:
The assessing of service needs must be done together with the customer and, if necessary, with the customer's relative, close friend or a guardian appointed to the customer. More about service:
During their assessment and rehabilitation, a client receives an evaluation of their cognitive, mental, physical and social capabilities. More about service:

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