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Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice at social and family services

Services from outside your own municipality

In addition to the home municipality, 24-hour care can also be applied for from other municipalities.

You can also look for family care, institutional care or housing services outside your home municipality. As an applicant, you will be in an equal position with those living in that municipality, who have the need for the services.

The service is applied for through the Hakemus palvelun saamiseksi (hakijan kotikunta muu kuin Helsinki) (Application for receiving service (applicant’s home municipality other than Helsinki)) form, which is delivered to the Investigation, Assessment and Placement Office / Home municipality matters, P.O. Box 6600, 00099 City of Helsinki.

Inquiries concerning the Act on home municipality: Mon-Fri between 9am and 10am, tel. 09 3102 4644

Further information: 
Applying for 24-hour care from outside the customer’s home municipality

All of Helsinki as a service area

The service area for the locations offering the following services is all of Helsinki, which means that the customer is free to choose any location for:

- substance abuse services
- day activity centres
- substance abuse rehabilitation clinics
- services for the elderly
- service centres
- comprehensive service centres and housing services of service houses
- support for informal care
- activity centres of informal care
- services for the disabled
- work and day activities’ services
- housing services (group homes and other housing services)
- resident activities
- community centres and local centres
- services for the homeless
- services related to housing.

Service area according to residential area

In other cases, the service area of social services and health care is determined based on the customer’s own residential area, except for the cases where a single service location serves the whole city, for example as in family law services.

Freedom of choice for healthcare services

As a Helsinki resident, you have been appointed a health station on the basis of your residential area. If you wish, you can change your health station in Helsinki or choose another health station from another municipality. If you choose a health station outside your own municipality, you will also receive maternity and child health clinic services, dental care and rehabilitation services from this municipality.

Choosing a health station and a nurse-doctor work team at the health stations of Helsinki

If you live or study in another municipality regularly or long term due to work, studies, recreational activities or loved ones, for example, you can also use the healthcare services outside your own municipality.

Healthcare services from outside your own municipality (in Finnish)

In addition to a health station, you can choose a service location of specialised medical care from any public hospital you wish, in cooperation with the referring physician.

Choosing the service location of your health station and specialised medical care (in Finnish)