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How to book an appointment for a corona vaccination

Vaccinations are given by appointment only. You can make an appointment electronically or by phone.

Appointment booking electronically

Book an appointment electronically at It takes two injections to be fully protected by the vaccine. You can book the second appointment at the same time as the first.

For the appointment booking you need bank codes or a mobile certificate and information about where you will be vaccinated.

Booking an appointment on behalf of another person

To be able to act on behalf of another person, you must have a written mandate.

You can make a mandate for another person to act on your behalf here You must identify yourself with bank codes or a mobile certificate in the service.

In the service, you can give or ask for a mandate for another person, e.g. the right to act on your behalf.

You’ll find more information here

How to book an appointment electronically

  1. Check if you belong in the group that is vaccinated and the vaccination points.
    See what groups are being vaccinated
    See vaccination points
  2. Go to, choose if you are a resident of Uusimaa or social and healthcare personnel and click ‘Book an appointment’.
  3. Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  4. Log in with your online bank codes or a mobile certificate.
  5. Check and complete the preliminary information form.
  6. Book a vaccination appointment according to the instructions.

After you have made the booking, you get a confirmation about the appointment as an e-mail or SMS. The confirmation message also has instructions for how to change the appointment.
Rescheduling and cancelling an appointment

Appointment booking by phone

Book an appointment by calling 09 310 46300. The service is open on weekdays 8–18.

  • If you turn 70 years or more this year (born in 1951 or earlier) or you are the person’s informal carer, press 2.
  • If you turn 25 years or more this year (born in 1996 or earlier), press 2.
  • If you belong to a risk group because of an illness, press 3.

We operate a call-back service:

  • If we can’t answer your call immediately, your number is saved and we call you back within three days.
  • We call back also in the evenings and on weekends.

Informal caregivers can only book appointments by calling the appointment booking number.

Rescheduling and cancelling an appointment

  • You can change the appointment for the first vaccine with the instructions you got during the appointment booking process. The confirmation message includes the link and code you need. If the vaccination appointment is in under 5 hours, you can only cancel by calling (09 310 46300).
  • The appointment for the second vaccine can only be cancelled by calling.

NB! If you cannot make it to the scheduled vaccination appointment, make sure to cancel it so that it can be given to someone else, so that the vaccination time won’t be unused.

You can book an appointment electronically or by phone if you belong to the group that is being vaccinated.

You get an appointment fastest if you book online on

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