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Finnish as a second language (S2)


Suomeksi    По-русски

Finnish as a second language (Suomi2/S2) courses are aimed at those whose native language is not Finnish. Finnish as a second language studies are organized in a way where one can smoothly progress from basic to intermediate and advanced levels. It is also possible to take the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish, regardless of how and where one's language skills have been acquired. The Adult Education Centre organizes the intermediate level tests four times a year. 

The Finnish courses offered by the Adult Education Centre follow the CEFR scale. Accordingly, the courses are grouped into basic (levels 1 and 2), intermediate (levels 3 and 4) and advanced (levels 5 and 6) courses according to the National Certificate of Language Proficiency. Detailed descriptions of the skill levels are available on the website of the Finnish National Board of Education.

Chart: The Finnish courses grouped into levels.

Basic level courses provide students with the ability to understand clear speech dealing with everyday matters, to read uncomplicated texts and to write simple messages.

Intermediate level courses develop students’ language skills: they become more confident speakers and are acquainted with the spoken language used in radio and television, for instance. They also become able to produce longer texts and gain a good understanding of basic grammar. Intermediate level courses are fairly demanding.

Advanced level courses are demanding and require good spoken and written skills in Finnish.

Optimal learning results will be reached if the courses are taken in a chronological order. One must start studying from the most suitable level onwards. Our study advisors assist in choosing the right course level.

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