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How to act in an emergency

In case of an emergency, everybody is obliged by the law to stop at the site of the emergency, to initiate rescue operations according to their abilities and to report the emergency. Always help if you can: put out a small fire, give first aid, warn, guide and call the emergency number 112.

The emergency number 112 must always be called in urgent, real emergencies if lives, health, property or the environment are in danger, or if there is a reason to suspect that this is the case.

When you call the emergency number 112: Answer the questions asked, act as instructed and end the call only when given permission to do so.
You do not need to dial an area code, not even on a mobile phone or a mobile phone connected to a foreign network. The call will be connected to the nearest emergency centre.

Rescue and emergency services departments

The Helsinki City Rescue Department executes fire and rescue operations in the area of the city of Helsinki 24 hours on every day of the year.

Rescue operations that cross the borders of the department’s area of responsibility are carried out on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the rescue and emergency services departments of Helsinki and Eastern, Central and Western Uusimaa.

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