Buses at Railway station.

All buses have stop announcements

Buses now have stop announcements, which tells what is the next stop. Announcements are available on all the bus routes except neighborhood routes operated by minibuses. This kind of announcements were first introduced on trams in summer 2018 and, in the autumn of the same year, on the first trunk route buses.

HSL continues to develop the system

Even though the stop announcements are now in almost all the routes, HSL continues to develop the system. Joona Packalén, information planner at HSL, says that in the future the announcements might tell interchange connections or tell that next stop is the terminus.

Merja Hanski from the Helsinki and Uusimaa Association for Visually Impaired, encourages HSL to develop the ideas forward. She says that the announcements would be very helpful if they for example would tell that the stop is closed and bus or tram will continues past the stop without stopping.

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Photo: Tuukka Jaromaa